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Downs Designer Homes was established in 1992 to make luxury homes more affordable and attainable. Since then, we have grown to become one of the most awarded house design and construction companies in Australia.

We believe our success has come from our commitment to making the house design and building experience as flexible, exciting, enjoyable, and positive as possible. Our past client testimonials and awards reflect the attention to detail, innovation and dedicated service that have come to define us.

At Downs Designer Homes, we are proud to have earned a reputation for efficient, cost-effective house design and building. Whether you are building your new home from an existing design or using one of ours, we tailor everything to make your new home as “you” as possible.


Bring your own house design plans to us, or start the whole process from the ground up with us and our world known architects.

The Downs Designer Homes philosophy is that you, the customer, are the driving force behind every house design, and we are just here to realize your dream, whilst lending our expertise to execute efficiently, and seamlessly.


With almost 45 years of on-the-job, local experience, our senior staff are true experts at designing and building new luxury homes to your individual specifications.


Elevate your Dream Home with Downs Designer Homes
– Crafting Luxury Residences in Toowoomba

& Surrounds since 1992.

Discover the Power of Expertise and Experience as You Embark on the Journey to Your Dream Home.

Embrace the Vision, Ignite Reality: Unveiling Your Dream Home


- Established in 1992, Downs Designer Homes has illuminated the path to luxurious living, transcending the boundaries of possibility. Today, we stand as a beacon of building design excellence and innovation in Toowoomba.

Crafting Dreams, Forging Futures - Our journey has been paved with accolades and recognition, a testament to our unwavering dedication to transcendent design and construction. Every award echoes our commitment to excellence, every testimonial a symphony of satisfaction.

A Symphony of Possibilities - At Downs Designer Homes, we orchestrate an experience that's uniquely yours. We believe in curating an architectural masterpiece that resonates with your essence, a home that encapsulates your identity.

Where Dreams Take Shape - Unveil your blueprints, bring us your dream design or let's embark on a blank canvas journey – your dream home; your narrative.

The Epitome of Ingenuity - Downs Designer Homes embodies a legacy of resourcefulness and value. We're not just builders; we're creators, sculpting your aspirations into tangible opulence. Efficiency and elegance converge under our skilled craftsmanship.

Crafting Futures, Forging Trust - For nearly half a century, our seasoned artisans have meticulously etched their expertise into the landscapes of Toowoomba and its surrounds. With every brick laid, every design detail finessed, we breathe life into your vision.

Your Dream, Our Canvas: Your Imagination, Our Blueprint

- We understand that your dream is our compass.

With over 45 years of local mastery, as a team we transform your desires into your new reality of design and functionality.

Bridging Dreams and Reality - At Downs Designer Homes, we're not just builders; we're enablers of dreams. Your aspirations ignite our passion, and we blend our mastery with your vision to create a home that defies convention.

Building Beyond Boundaries - Our philosophy rests on crafting bespoke experiences that resonate with your essence. We empower you to be the author of your home's story, while we provide the expertise to turn those pages into reality.

Are you ready to turn the key to luxury, to immerse yourself in a collaboration where your dream design becomes a reality?


Step into the world of Downs Designer Homes – where luxury meets legacy, and dreams become everlasting reality.



Jeff Bubeck
Director / Owner

ph: 0418 790 931

Jacob Cox
Operations Manager

ph: 0439 042 184

Joshua Saunders
David Smith

Jason Bubeck
Glen Seeds
Oliver Farmer


At Downs Designer Homes, we are firm believers that if you're building your home, then it should be exactly how you want it! You should have the right to customize your new home down to the last brick to suit your needs and lifestyle.

No two Downs Designer Homes have ever been the same. With the endless number of customization's and personal touches you can make, every single project ends up totally individual and unique.


You decide what your dream home will look like, how big it will be, what additions or upgrades you want to include, and we provide you with an obligation-free estimate. Then we can elaborate on your ideas, and together take the first steps towards building your home and realizing your dream.

No two Downs Designer Homes are the same!

Every single project ends up totally individual and unique.

​Throughout the design and building process, you have the final say. Our job is to listen, consult, offer unique perspectives, design, and build the homes our clients want. You might want fewer bedrooms but huge living areas, or you might need a billiard room, children's play area, reading nook, wine cellar or triple garage. Whatever you envision, just tell us, and we’ll take care of everything, from concept drawings to colour consulting.

It’s this attention to detail that has earned Downs Designer Homes its reputation for going the extra mile. The difference between everyday houses and Downs Designer Homes’ luxury homes is in the details. If you take a look at some of our award-winning luxury homes, you’ll notice that the designs are very clean and crisp.


How do we do it? Well, this is one of the ways in which Downs Designer Homes goes above and beyond. We look at little details like hiding down-pipes and guttering inside pillars or behind facades, so the aesthetic look of your luxury home is preserved. Small touches of consideration like this make your new home more aesthetically appealing as well as uplifting the value.

Transparency is key at Downs Designer Homes. Everything is up front communication about what you can expect from the build, including costs, variations, times etc. No hidden fees, no added extras you weren't told about. We pride ourselves on having direct and clear communication with you throughout the entire build - from start to finish!



​Preliminary Meeting & Consultation

To start the process off on the right foot, we like to have a face to face sit down consultation where we go through all your needs, wants and must have’s in your new home. We take detailed notes of all our discussions to ensure nothing is overlooked, also if you have photograph inspiration, layouts and/or facades that you have seen online, or we have completed we go through these and incorporate into the design.

House construction can be a complicated process. It’s not just a matter of buying land and building a new house on it. Before your house construction can start, there are a number of stressful tasks you need to carry out, such as soil tests, contour surveys and a whole bunch of other permits, fees and checks.

Fortunately, if you build with Downs Designer Homes, we do this all for you free of charge, as part of our service. We will keep you informed of exactly what needs to be done, and then we’ll do it, so you don’t have to. That way, we can ensure your house construction starts off without any hiccups.

Design & Quotation

Designing a luxury house requires transparency, openness, flexibility, and accountability. At Downs Designer Homes, we disclose all our fees and prices upfront, we are realistic with our time-frames, and we invite you to be as much a part of designing and building your house as you wish. We will work through this process with you the client ensuring all design and value management is considered to make certain that your design meets all size, cost and finish requirements whilst still maintaining affordability. We also gain input and advice from our trusted engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors to minimize and hopefully eliminate any unexpected costs throughout the build.

The orientation of your home hugely affects the amount of natural light and ventilation it can use, as well as its resale value, so it is incredibly important to pay attention to this before building. A modern luxury house should be both well-built and well oriented. At Downs Designer Homes, we perform free site checks as standard, and your home’s orientation is one thing we always put thought into.


Contract Signing & Pre-Construction

On completion of all initial plans and costing – we will sit down and ensure that all inclusions and specifications are understood and as desired before contract signing. When all the paperwork is complete, Downs Designer Homes gets into finalizing all of the construction and engineering plans, as well as gaining all building, plumbing and other approvals required before commencing the build.


This is where the fun begins – commencement of construction of your new home! This is where Down Designer Homes thrives, and our experienced team and subcontractors go to work on making your dreams a reality. We keep our clients up to date with all progress on site, ensuring that you will have direct contact with us for the duration of the project – we’ll even lend you a hard hat if you like! We pride ourselves on allowing our clients to come to site whenever they can to really engage in the process.

It all comes down to communication. By removing all the potential barriers between different elements of the house design and building process, your wants and needs are easier to put into action. Efficient communication means efficient work, which ensures lower overall costs and faster completion. Most important of all, if you want to make changes mid-way through – and trust us, you will – just let us know. We regularly redesign homes and alter the house building process, so we can accommodate your house design changes with minimal fuss.

Completion and Post Construction

On completion of your new home, we have a thorough review of the house ensuring that you the client is 100% satisfied with the construction of your new home. We then hand you a comprehensive owner’s manual to ensure that you can maintain your new home for years to come, including all warranties. After we are done, we don’t leave you on your own, we pride ourselves on our post construction service and any queries, concerns or assistance you may require we are more than happy to help and will continue to touch base to make sure everything is as we left it. We never shy away from issues and stand by our builds giving you peace of mind.







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